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New Album. Living the Dream

Brand New Album! Living the dream (January 2022)

Adrians brand new Album, Living the dream (2022), is available on the 5th January 2022. 10 Original Tracks for just £10


New Single. Living the Drea

Brand New Single! Living the dream (July 2021)

Adrians brand new Single, Living the dream (2021), is now available exclusively on


New Single. Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time (2021)

Borrowed Time (2021) is available exclusively on This product is delivered via email.


Plenty of Time CD Album

Plenty of Time (2020)

Adrians latest album. Co-written with Gary Jones and performed by Adrian, Mark Cann, Marc Piano, Andy King and Olga Kent.

Tracks Include : Lockdown, Innocent Love, Plenty of Time, The Futures Yours, Forbidden Affair, Word Got Round, Half In Love, Like a Hurricane, Lost in Space, Angels help at Christmas Time, There for me and After Lockdown


Pieces of my Heart CD Album

Pieces of my Heart (2017)

8 Original songs, written and performed by Adrian with guest appearances from local musicians.

Tracks Include : Pieces of my Heart, Helen, Inside your Head, Doing it all for Love, Julies Song, Fairytale, Forbidden Love and It Wasn't Love.


Short Stories CD Album

Short Stories EP (2012)

6 Original songs, written and performed by Adrian.

Tracks Include : Did you Ever, Red Rock Moon, Breaking the Cycle, She's OK, Should I wait for Love and Mad Mary