Lanzarote lockdown day 21

Lanzarote lockdown day 21

Posted on 04/04/2020

Thank you to all the medical staff around the world. If we stay home we help to save lives. It could be a loved one or someone who is on the frontline. #Stayathome

Thank you all again for making last nights gig so much fun. My lovely lady is beginning to get more involved other than just pressing the start button. We have just been officially told that our lockdown will be extended for another 2 weeks so in total it will be 6 weeks unless they extend it again. Today we have had a bit of a lazy Saturday chilling and enjoying the amazing view from our patio. My dear Auntie Maggie told us about the earth quake that they had had in Palm Springs. Like everything Maggie has experienced in her life she just took it in her stride. Stay safe and see you all again tomorrow night. 

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