Lanzarote lockdown day 16

Lanzarote lockdown day 16

Posted on 30/03/2020

A big shout out to the medical staff and all the social workers, care home and careers everywhere.

After reminiscing about my early life at or the lack of it at the piano. I thought I would share with you my first band called Distant Thunder with you. I was about 13 years old and I have found a picture of our first gig. It was at Ruislip Garden Primary School. We were driven around by my Grandad Bill. He was both our roadie and chauffeur taking us around in my dads works van. Many years later that van would become mine a present from my dad. We even managed to get into the local paper from which the picture was taken. I wonder where all these guys are now. It's just helped to reinforce just how much music has been part of my life. Here I am almost 62 years old and still loving the feeling I get from performing to people who enjoy listening to me and my guitar. I'm looking forward to another night doing a Facebook Live gig from my home at 7pm GMT tonight. 


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