Lanzarote lockdown day 15

Lanzarote lockdown day 15

Posted on 29/03/2020

Another big thank you to all the medical staff around the world helping to keep us safe, so we must do our bit to keep them safe #stayathome

What a fun night it was last night. We even managed to get my lovely lady more involved in the gig other than pressing the button to start the show. I somehow don't think she will ever be comfortable in front of a mic. Today we dusted down the keyboards and set them up. Some of the songs that have been requested are very keyboard lead. So I will over the next few days try to get my rusty fingers to flow over the keys for your entertainment. 
As I grew up we always had a piano in the house. My dear mum was a Concert Pianist and I  spent many a year watching mum and her sister play. Mum tried to teach me, but I wanted to play the guitar. How I now wish I had paid more attention to her and the lessons she gave me. My piano playing skills developed while we lived at my grandparents home in Curry Road Greenford. In their home they had a piano that was made by my great grandfather. His business then developed into importing kits from America With which he then converted pianos into pianola's. He lived in Whitley Bay Northumberland not far from Newcastle. Some of my earliest memories are spending my holidays with them there. You have never felt the sea so cold as it was in Whitley Bay. 

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